The companies and entities members of CENFIM association have the following rights:

  • Manage the cluster: decide on strategy and activities through governing bodies and work groups.
  • Exclusive access to consortiums with other companies from the cluster. WEcontract showrooms, exportation consortiums and design industry community projects are some examples.
  • Exclusive activities for members, contract visits to unique, unique spaces, benchmarking trips to trade shows and international market exploration
  • Enjoy “member rates” with a significant discount at all InteriHotel, showroom, conferences and projects.
  • Participate for free in sector-specific conferences: “Trends in habitat and contract with WGSN or Nelly Rody”, “Circular economy conferences”, “Habitat 4.0 conferences”, and priority access to other conferences (talks, discussion panels).
  • Advantages on (Barcelona and other locations): priority period for reserving and selecting spaces, cost reduction, extra visibility in conferences as a speaker and participation in discussion panels.
  • Achieve greater visibility towards consultants, promoters and suppliers on the www.hicontract .com platform.
  • Be priority members of the innovation projects driven by the cluster and its knowledge entities, with topics such as product development and living-lab, integrated process management, digitalisation (products and processes, IoT) and circular economy.
  • Access to public funding for developing projects promoted by the cluster (autonomous, national and European).
  • Benefit from exclusive information: market intelligence reports for projects, conference content and training courses.

To acquire the member status, a company must:

  • Submit a request form endorsed by two companies members of CENFIM association
  • The request form must be accepted by the Delegate Committee
  • During the year following its association, the company must participate in a minimum of 3 activities organized by CENFIM. Otherwise, the company will lose the member status
  • The company must have its headquarters or an operation establishment in Spain

Membership fee: 300€ (+VAT) per year, paid by direct debit


Download the membership application from here