CENFIM: Interior furnishings and hotel contract cluster and innovation hub

Innovation in products for furnishing the places we spend our lives makes up happier. The skill and courage of companies that innovate enable us, as users, to enjoy more beautiful products that are better adapted to the needs of our homes and the communal spaces we share: hotels, offices and schools.

CENFIM’s mission is to promote the competitiveness of its member companies through innovation. We are passionate about designing and executing projects in the interior furnishings sector!

Also in traditional manufacturing sectors, we believe that a different way of doing things is possible We like taking a collaborative approach to overcoming challenges. The individual needs of a company can be opportunities to tackle activities together to benefit from economies of scale and product synergies.

Within the scope of activities, we work with the key players in the interior furnishings sector, as well as professionals from other sectors that are not directly related. We have partnership agreements in place with organizations (knowledge centres, associations, clusters, media outlets, etc.), giving us the chance to share and learn together.

Our activities fall in to three fundamental categories:

  • Market access
  • Product and process innovation
  • Training

CENFIM is recognized by:

AEI program in Spain
(as a member of AMIC)

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CENFIM is financed in the Specialization Projects and Territorial Competiotiveness (Proyectos de Especialización y Competitividad Territorial - PETC) with the support of: