Alliance of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood sector


ALLVIEW is the platform for transnational cooperation among Centres of Professional Excellence in the Wood and Furniture sector, of which CENFIM is a founding member.

The objective of ALLVIEW is to introduce a European dimension to vocational training for the Wood and Furniture sector, integrating local centres, connecting them at the European level and contributing to the reformulation and improvement of vocational training. The consortium set to develop the project brings together 22 partners from various EU countries.

ALLVIEW will detect the training needs of the Wood and Furniture sector, collect and prepare training material in key areas, develop ICT tools for the comprehensive digitalization of the instruction, allow for the mobility of students/workers and teachers between countries, and offer practical training. Plans have also been developed for the design of regional vocational training policies involving companies and actors in the field of innovation, training and public institutions.

Project duration: 01 November 2020 - 31 October 2024

Results transferable to companies

  • Access to a platform featuring Artificial Intelligence capable of
    providing personalized training advice to workers.

  • Access to the Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy training material
    specifically developed for the Wood and Furniture sector.

  • New training material in:
    o Digitalization: examples of the practical application of
    VR/AR and 3D printing
    o Circular economy
    o Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
    o Implementation of CSR policy (Corporate Social

  • Mobility of students and workers:
    o Access to the European network of vocational training
    centres, universities, companies and other key Dual
    Vocational Training entities.

    o Participation in and/or hosting of student and worker
    internships in/from other countries.


Erasmus+ Program VET-COVE - Centres of Vocational Excellence - Ref. 621192-EPP-1-2020-1-ESEPPKA3-VET-COVE