SAWYER - holistic approach for the identification of Skills and sAfety needs towards a groWing sustainability & circularitY of furniturE sector


The SAWYER project aims to facilitate the transition to a more circular economy for European furniture companies. To this end, both the main legislative instruments (including existing and developing directives) and voluntary instruments (good practices, standards, eco trends...) that may influence this circular transition will be studied.

How these instruments are expected to affect and transform the European furniture sector by 2030, including the emergence of new business models, will be analized. How the transition will affect jobs and their tasks, the occupational risks of the workers, and their new training needs will also be studied.

Execution period: 01/03/2019 - 28/02/2021


Applicable results for companies

  • Current status and medium/long-term trend of legislative and voluntary instruments in circular economy to be applied in the European furniture sector and in some other relevant countries.
  • Possible future scenarios of this sector due to a transition of companies towards a more circular economy.
  • Changes in jobs and tasks, occupational risks and training needs of the sector workers caused by circular economy.
  • Knowledge of new opportunities and business models.



European Commission Support for Social Dialogue Programme. Ref. VS/2019/0027